Who is Josephine Georgiou?

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Josephine Georgiou

If you are a pretty girl and want some extra exposure, perhaps you should be a Madonna fan and attend her concerts.  During the Rebel Hearts show in Brisbane, Madonna picked 17 year old Josephine Georgiou from the crowd and brought her onstage, where Madonna proceeded to grab Josephine’s corset top down, freeing her boob for all the world to see.  In all fairness, Madonna did apologize (not very genuinely) and did offer herself up to the pretty brunette, of which Josephine declined.

Madonna has received some heated backlash for the incident, but Josephine is taking everything in stride.  She doesn’t see the incident as a big deal.  If anything, she said the attention was flattering and it was a bonding moment between her and the aging popstar.  It could very well have been the best night (or most memorable) of her life so far.

In an age where social media rules and a viral post can make or break you, we are certain the incident will just boost Josephine’s popularity.  She is already making headlines in the news when before the incident, few people knew of the Australian barista and aspiring model.  Her Madonna encounter will definitely get her noticed and if she gets enough attention, perhaps, she can leave her barista job behind and get a few paid modeling gigs.

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