Supermodels? Or Not?

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Back in the day, Yolanda Hadid-Foster and Rebecca Romijn graced the covers of the same magazines and strutted the same catwalks, but the elusive title of Supermodel was given to only a few girls like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and Elle MacPherson.

In order to be branded a Supermodel, you had to be your own brand.  You were recognized all over the world.  It wasn’t uncommon for a super model’s face to be on all major magazine covers world wide.  They were commercial marketing geniuses with multi-million dollar contracts, endorsements, and campaigns.  Top fashion houses vied for their attention.  They had longevity and staying power.

These days, to get attention, all you need is a bikini and an Instagram account or if you are really lucky, you have a famous parent or sibling that can help you meet the right people that can take you places.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, when she was asked about the new generation of models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, Romijn had a frank response, “No one has proven yet that numbers of followers translates to revenue, so it is frustrating.  I know a lot of people – legitimate fashion people – can’t stand it.  Hate it that these, you know, social media stars are now the supermodels in fashion.  They are not true supermodels, and the thing is, I have always looked to Vogue magazine to lead the way, not be a follower. …So I have been disappointed that fashion magazines have been supporting this trend of social media stars to set our style standards.”

While Rebecca didn’t exactly call out Kendall or Gigi, Gigi’s mum, Yolanda wasn’t about to let it go.  Yolanda gave Rebecca a piece of her mind, “Kind, hard working and they accomplished more at half your age in the fashion industry.”

In Rebecca’s defense, not that she really called out Gigi or Kendall, but while Gigi and Kendall do have a lot of social media ‘followers’, they are still new to the game and only time will tell if they truly have staying power in the world of fashion, and it probably didn’t hurt that Gigi’s parents are loaded and Kendall is part of a social media dynasty.

Who do you think is supermodel material?

Cindy Crawford

Claudia Schiffer

Elle MacPherson

Gigi Hadid

Kendall Jenner



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