Ronda Rousey Back on Sports Illustrated, Wears NOTHING But Paint

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When you hear the name Rhonda Rousey, lots of images may come to mind like sweaty muscular women pummeling each other in a ring, but scantily clad swimsuit model lounging on a sunny beach probably doesn’t.  Rhonda Rousey has worked hard to become a household name.  She is a very accomplished woman and has paved the way for other women in the UFC arena.  She’s an Olympic medalist, a UFC fighter, an amateur actor, a writer, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, and this year Rhonda can now officially add the title of Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model to her resume. The former UFC Champion has been given the honor of gracing one of the 2016 covers of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

Sports Illustrated tries to come up with new and innovative ways to set themselves apart each year and decided it was time to play upon the theme of diversity for their 2016 SI Swim edition.  Their goal was to celebrate all women and include a variety of body types, so this year, there are 3 covers, each model with a distinct body shape.  Rhonda shares the coveted cover spots with Ashley Graham and Hailey Clauson.  Rhonda’s athletically honed body represents the women in sports,  Ashley represents the full figured curvy gals, and Hailey is tall and lithe like a typical runway model.

For Rhonda’s shoot, Sports Illustrated added a twist to her pictorials by using paint to enhance Rhonda’s toned body instead of a typical bikini.  The backdrop is the typical tropical beachy scene, but she is painted in a variety of styles, each making her stand out in a unique way.

Rhonda may have fallen from grace in the ring with her UFC title loss to Holly Holm, but she hasn’t lost her celebrity status, and we bet Rhonda is far from done.  Rumor has is that Rhonda and Holly will have a rematch later this year, something all of Rhonda’s fans are looking forward to.  Only time will tell if she is more prepared for her rematch with the current UFC Champ and if she can win the title back.

Here are her 2016 Sports Illustrated Body Paint pictures: Ronda Rousey 2016 Sports Illustrated body paint

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