Models Can Be Beautiful Without Makeup, or Can They?

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mdoels without makeup

Makeup is an amazing invention, and its history mired in controversy for thousands of years. The oldest reported uses for makeup date back almost 5000 years. Allegedly first used by ancient civilizations as a means to look ferocious in battle and intimidate their opponent, similar to what you might see at a modern day football game. Then secondarily used to enhance personal appearance like the Egyptians. They loved their eyeliner and lip stains. However, the ingredients in these early concoctions were typically not kind to the body nor were they healthy. At times, lead was even used quite liberally and would often cause illness or death. Today, the makeup industry is very regulated, so modern products should be much safer to use, but the reasons we wear makeup haven’t changed much. It is still mostly used to camouflage perceived imperfections or to enhance one’s natural assets. Applied properly, makeup can give you a huge confidence boost, and it isn’t just for women anymore either. Men are beginning to dabble in the arts of application.

While most people wear at least some makeup every day, makeup plays an even bigger role in the life of a celebrity or supermodel. They are expected to look perfect at all times. Before they are on camera, their skin is smoothed out with foundation, their cheekbones sculpted with blush, their eyes lined in kohl to make them stand out, and their lips plumped and stain to a ruby red gloss. Every photo op or selfie shows them in the most flattering poses with the most flattering makeup.

Have you ever wondered what celebrities and supermodels look like without their makeup on? If you answered yes, then check out this video. This video takes a look at ten of the most gorgeous women with and then without heavy makeup. Perhaps they will be as gorgeous without their makeup and they are with? Perhaps not……..You decide!

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