Kendall & Kylie’s Newest GLU App is a Success

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If you have ever wondered what celebrity life was like in California, the Jenner sisters have the app for you.  While Kendall and Kylie soft launched their GLU app last year in Canada, it just recently became available in the U.S., and unlike their Sci-Fi book (that didn’t do so well), this time they stuck close with what they know, and the game is really a reflection of them, their interests, and their lifestyle.

After you have downloaded the game, Kendall & Kylie, (it is available for FREE from iTunes or Google Play Store), you begin by selecting and personalizing your character, then the adventure begins.  You’ve just arrived in Malibu, California.  You rent a place to stay.  You find a job.  You hang with the pretty people in Cali, even Kendall and Kylie at times, but more importantly, you gain popularity.  With popularity you get invited to better parties, wear nicer clothing, and hang out with other more popular people.  You must not forget to takes lots of selfies and share on social media as often as possible.  You even receive personal video responses from the real Kendall and Kylie, when you hit certain achievements.  It is a brief look into the lives of the Jenner sisters and a must have for any Kendall or Kylie superfan.

While the game may be free, don’t worry, you can spend money if you don’t want to earn everything as you play.  You can purchase in game items that can be used to increase your popularity.  So far, the app has been a huge hit and the reviews have indicated it is a better game than sister Kim’s GLU app, Hollywood.  It has been positioned in the top spot on iTunes since it became available, and it is expected to outperform original expectations.


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