Gigi Hadid Got Runway Lessons From Naomi Campbell

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Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid is gorgeous and the young model is living the life many girls dream of. She has a loving family, top modeling gigs, a gorgeous boyfriend (Zayn Malik), and a strong support network of girlfriends. In December 2015, Gigi strutted her stuff on the Victoria Secret catwalk with girlfriend Kendall Jenner, and she recently landed a cover spot for LOVE magazine. Gigi strikes a provocative pose on the cover of their 2016 Spring/Summer edition showing lots of skin, even a little underboob. Not only did Gigi pose for the magazine but she also gave an interview and shared some intimate details on spending time with supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Being in the public eye can get rough with all of the negative comments being thrown your way, so when things get tough for Gigi and she feels down, she turns to her girlfriends, in particular, fellow model, Kendall Jenner. Gigi says Kendall has such a positive attitude on life that it isn’t long before she is ready to take on the world again, but Kendall couldn’t help Gigi with one thing. No one would think that fashion’s “It Girl”, suffers from any insecurity, but after being criticized by the press for her ‘walk’, she began to have some doubts in her modelling abilities, that is until catwalk queen Naomi Campbell stepped in and took her under her wing.Naomi Campbell
While in Milan, before the Victoria Secret show, Gigi spent a few weeks with the veteran supermodel perfecting her style. Naomi told Gigi not to apologize for anything because she’s perfect the way she is, and she confided that everyone said her walk was weird too. For practice, Naomi had Gigi walking the halls in her hotel using the hotel guests as her audience. Gigi said it was a little nerve wracking at first, but Naomi gave her the confidence to finally own her unique walk.

Since then, Gigi went to the VS show thinking that, “Yeah. Maybe I am different, but I have heard Naomi saying. ‘Bitch better have my money after I walked for her’. So it’s going to be fine.” It seems like Naomi was not just a good coach but a great cheerleader too. Now, Gigi sounds fearless and says, “If people don’t like how I walk, then they don’t have to watch.” It seems like Gigi finally found her groove.


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