Bar Refaeli and Her Disgusting Nerd Kiss

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Bar Refaeli kisses nerd

Generally we love models on this site, but with the Superbowl ads this weekend, I have really begun to wonder about Bar Refaeli.  Don’t get me wrong, I still think Bar is obviously a beautiful model, but I can’t seem to shake the images that were burned into my retinas watching this years GoDaddy Superbowl ads.  I mean her taste in men has always been a little questionable, she dated Leonardo DiCaprio and Shaun White after all, but I really wasn’t prepared for the horror that I saw on Superbowl Sunday.

I also have to wonder about the networks.  I have seen them ban commercials because of a little too much skin, but yet they approve full on graphic tongue tangling?  I mean the sounds alone should have been enough to have it not approved.  This was easily 100 times more offensive than Janet Jackson’s nip slip (which was covered with a pasty)

To top it all off, I found out that she did this scene 45-60 times with him and for him to land the job, he had to make out with a kissing tester at the interview.  Who knows how many geeks the kisser tester had to go through.  The whole thing is just really disgusting and disturbing.

Even Kate Upton had a less offensive commercial than Bar Refaeli this year… and that’s saying a lot!

If you happened to miss the commercial you can see it here (but I warn you – you might be permanently scarred) : Bar Refaeli kisses a Nerd

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